Conference summary

Thank you to all for participating at the conference Innovative Information Technologies for Science, Business and Education IIT – 2013
It was a great pleasure to host this event in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The conference moments are captured:
With a strong focus on digital components across a range of disciplines and issues, this was the first conference of this kind to take place in Lithuania. The guest speakers from Lithuania, Latvia, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Spain, Turkey, Romania, Norway, Slovenia, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Russia, the US shared their knowledge and experience at the event.

The speakers’ presentations and thesis abstracts are uploaded on the conference website After the conference many articles were submitted to the international journal IITSBE (Innovative Infotechnologies for Science, Business and Education).
An electronic .pdf version of the published issues can be found below:

IITSBE-2013-1 (14)
IITSBE-2013-2 (15)
IITSBE-2014-1 (16)
IITSBE-2014-2 (17)  

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