Fieke Sluijs

Handshake - An Experiment to Create Meaningful Learning Experiences for Students in Creative Business

Fieke has a lot of experience in innovation in higher education. She initiated the innovative Handshake project in which Fieke investigated new ways of learning by letting students operate in the networks of creative entrepreneurs. She developed an innovative honors program for Creative Business students at Inholland University based on 21st century skills. Fieke was lead of the development team of a new Concepting & Events program within the course Leisure Management, also at Inholland University. She has experience teaching design thinking, experience design and Imagineering, which is basically concept development and the creation of new experiences in Leisure. Fieke is a graphic designer and also teaches graphic design.

 Her aim in designing new education is always creating in networks, co-creating with students and business. Her ideal is to design education that is flexible enough to keep up with the fast changing reality outside the institute, but at the same time solid and rigorous enough to meet the requirements of accreditation.


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